Are you looking for the 6×4 Trailers in Victoria for sale? Then you are in an amazing place which you can buy every kind trailers and especially 6×4 Trailers in every place of Victoria. Because we are the best 6×4 trailers in all over of Victoria. If you are self-storage, adventurer, constructor, builder or traveler. Then Solid Trailers Victoria is your best option to get the best and high-quality trailers which completes your need. We deliver the standard quality trailers for our customers because we believe that our customers’ satisfaction is our success and happiness.

Don’t think so much about the quality because we’re working since 2000. Because We know our customers need. We’re one of the best trailers company in all over of Victoria. Our Solid Trailers company is well-known trailers company in Victoria and it’s all suburbs. So, we provide 6×4 Trailers For Sale in Dandenong, Melbourne, Victoria.

As one of the leading trailers seller in Victoria province, we believe in quality. We provide the best galvanised and custom made 6×4 trailers for sale in Melbourne, Victoria. 6×4 trailer is one of the famous trailers in Victoria that people loves to purchase. Because it comes at a very cheap price to carry a lot of stuff in.


6×4 Trailers For Sale Victoria is the best place to get fully galvanised and high-quality trailers. Then If you’re planning for your summer travels with family or friends for a long drive or long destination. You need a good and high-quality standard trailer to take your all stuff with you. Trailers For Sale Victoria will provide the best galvanised and quality trailers in the Victoria area. So, we also provide the best quality with cheap price.

Galvanised 6×4 Trailers for sale in Melbourne, Victoria, is one of the best places to sell your product. Because We have the best experience of how to buy your trailer. But We will give your versatile option for your campaign. Because we know which trailer will best suit you on your journey. We have all sorts of trailers. We also provide 6×4 galvanised trailers for sale in Victoria.

We also sell ReadyMade and custom trailers around the Victoria province. Trailers For Sale Victoria is one of the best trailers providers in Melbourne, Dandenong. Ringwood, many other suburbs like Lilydale, Campbellfield, Pakenham, Werribee, Ringwood, Victoria.


  • 8×5 Galvanised Tandem Trailer 2000kg
  • 10×5 Galvanised Tandem Trailer 2000kg
  • 10×6 Galvanised Tandem Trailer 2000kg
  • 8×5 Tandem Trailer
  • 8×5 Welded Tandem Trailer
  • 10×5 Tandem Welded Trailers
  • 10×6 Tandem Trailers

We provide the best and quality trailers:

  • 6×6 single axle trailers.
  • Car trailers for sale.
  • Flat tops.
  • Tradesman trailers.
  • Cattle trailers.
  • Off-road trailers for the cars.
  • 6×4 trailer for the car in Victoria

Warranty: 12 Months Limited Warranty

We give you the best opportunity of warranty which 12 months and while 12 if your trailers get damaged or destroyed then so you can exchange or you can take the new one.

Axle: Dual Axle,50mm Solid Round Axle
Spring: Heavy Duty Rocker Roller Spring
Brake: 10″Mechanical Disc Brake
Wheel: Brand New 185 R14C Wheels (Tyres & Rims)
Jockey wheel: 8 1500lbs Swing Up
Coupler: 50mm Heavy Duty Braked Coupling
Lights: LED
Lights Plug: Round or Flat 7 Pin Plug
Safety Chain: 2x10mm
Cage: 600mm High HDG Cage


1. When we receive your order from our quote form or call.

2. After receiving your order we will respond within a few minutes and asks you about your favorite trailers.

3. If you ordered custom and galvanised trailer then we will start our work on your wish to provide best-galvanised trailer for you.

4. After completing your favorite and fully custom trailer so we will deliver it next to your door.

5. So, if you are satisfied with our work then write and give us a review on our website and google map.

Therefore You may Visit us at our showroom and website to see all of our best and quality trailers and so, get it for a very low and cheap price. We’re one of the leading trailers for sale in Victoria. We provide all kind of trailers which you want for your travel and camping but these trailers will really help you to travel comfortably without burden.

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